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SR&ED Tax Credit Calculator

The SRED calculator will estimate how much money your company or startup could save by applying for SR&ED tax credits. Many of our clients use it to estimate how much they can get back from their development costs, which are eligible for SR&ED tax credits.

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How are SR&ED Tax Credits calculated?

The first step is to determine whether or not your company is a Canadian-controlled Private Corporation (CCPC). The amount you get back for your SR&ED claim can change significantly depending on the answer.

The CRA gives Canadian-controlled Private Corporations (CCPCs) a higher SR&ED refund than non-Canadian controlled private corporations (who can receive a non-refundable credit), people (proprietorships), or trusts. Partnerships are ineligible for the SR&ED programme since they’re not a taxpayer, however a tax credit can be provided to the individual members.

  • CCPCs get up to a 35% refund of their SR&ED tax credit qualifying spend, from Federal SR&ED.
  • All non-CCPCs get a non-refundable tax credit at 15% for qualifying SR&ED tax credit spend.

What doesn't the SR&ED tax calculator consider?

The SR&ED tax credit calculator is a helpful tool, but it can’t replace expert consultant advice or consider all factors to maximize your SR&ED tax credit. A few of these limitations or assumptions the SR&ED tax calculator has in calculating your SR&ED tax credits are:

  • Employees who are ‘specified’ are not treated differently than those who are not.
  • There is no distinction made between materials that have been consumed and those that have been transformed.
  • The percentage is pro-rated in years where provincial tax credit rates have changed.
  • Even in provinces that still offer this incentive, capital expenditures are excluded.
  • Additional top-ups based on specific research institution contracts have been excluded.
  • Limits on spending and the size of the company aren't taken into account.

How can F6S help you get more in SR&ED tax credit?

After our SR&ED consultants have confirmed your eligibility, we investigate all of the ways you can maximize how much money you get back from the government. F6S' SR&ED experts are available to provide you with a free SR&ED consultation to help you find these areas so you get more money back. 

Many of F6S' startup founder clients rely on SR&ED services and related financial services  to keep their businesses afloat. Our expert consultants help minimise delays or questions to  ensure that your eligibility is confirmed and your claim is properly prepared before sending it to the CRA. We have a 100% success record and are always happy to provide free advice on your SR&ED eligibility or any other questions.

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